Where to Buy Loose Diamonds?

Shopping for a diamond ring for the woman of your dreams is not an easy task. If anything, it is a very emotional and time consuming process. As a human being, you tend to become a perfectionist when it comes to purchasing an item as precious as a diamond embedded ring. It is prudent that you read up and understand all that there is to buying beautiful diamond studded rings for the woman of your dreams.

Diamond Ring Setting and mounting ideas:

The first and foremost thing that you need to being with while choosing a diamond ring is the diamond ring setting. Jewellery stores both online and brick and mortar ones have a wide range of options in platinum or gold that they can share with you. You can go through all your options which showcase different mounting ideas and diamond settings and then depending on your choice go ahead with the purchase.

Diamond cut and shape:

You will also have to pay attention to the cut of the diamonds in the ring that you have selected. Flawlessly cut and polished diamonds will always be the brightest item in the room as the cut of a diamond directly impacts its brilliance. There are different diamond shapes that you could choose from such as Round, Emerald, Cushion, Princess, Radiant, Oval, Asscher, Pear, Marquise and Heart. Round is the standard shape that the diamonds are cut into and were popular during the older days however they have lost their popularity over the last few decades with the availability of other shape options. The Heart cut diamonds are considered to be a symbol of romance which makes it the perfect gift for a wedding or an anniversary or Valentine’s Day. The Pear shaped diamonds looks more like a drop of water and is usually used in diamond ear-rings.

Buying diamond studded rings online:

Now that you know what you need to look for while shopping for a diamond ring, let’s talk about online shopping. Given the internet era that we live in, there are a number of stores online that offer a vast collection of authentic rings that you can choose from. So whether you want a platinum diamond ring or a gold diamond studded ring you can be rest assured that you will find what you are looking for. You can also have rings custom made or choose from any of the styles that the store has to offer.  diamond 4c However you will have to ensure that you purchase diamond rings from an online store that makes your shopping experience a safe and secure one.

The Internet is a vast market where you can buy all sort of things. However, there are many crooks out there spotting for their next victims. What if you plan on purchasing diamonds online? Will it be safe?

The truth is, it is safe. Actually, it is safer to buy diamonds online than do transaction off the street with someone you just met. Just like any business deals, it helps to know some guidelines on how to protect you from being scammed. Bear these tips in your mind and avoid losing your hard-earned money:

Check the seller’s reputation

As mentioned earlier, there are thousands of retailers selling diamond jewelry online. Some sellers even specialize on specific jewelry pieces like rings, necklaces and earrings. It is a must to ensure which one are respectable sellers and which are not. Avoid being fooled by fly-by-night websites which were put up and disappear come the following day. Look for these hints to know whether you’re doing business with credible people:

The online diamond retailer should have a complete list of contact details. There should be a toll free customer service number, an email address or even a 24/7 instant messaging option. Try these contact details and make sure you can communicate with an actual person. Browse through forums, message board and rating websites to know other people’s feedback about the online diamond retailer you are planning to do business with. Check if the jewelry company is a member of a recognized business organization or if it is registered as a legal business entity. You can also check its BBB rating for assurance.

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