The Development of Wood Carving Art

The art of wood carving is an art that forms a picture or motif on the wood object by forming cavity in the object. As the result, a picture or motif that is created is formed from the cavities. Then, this cavity is known as relief.

The motif of this relief brings unique themes, such as animals, plants or humans. There are even some themes that imitate the indentation style of beautiful embers, the cosmos or many other themes. The determination of this theme depends entirely on a sculptor. The equipment required to form a sculptural artwork is quite simple, like saws, planers, hammers and chisels.

It was mentioned that the first sculpture was the result of the culture or traditions of Malayan. Art was estimated to have been developed since 500 years ago. It was also mentioned that the area of Kelantan, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan had previously developed a lot of this art to make traditional ornaments and decorations – ornaments that were in the palace.

Today, wood carving art has been known by many people. Various motives have been created by artists of wood carving art, so that the public interest towards the art of wood carving is increasing. Today, you often find the work of wood sculpture at the gate, musical instruments both traditional and modern, furniture such as cupboard, a bed, chair, table, and head boat that is called as storks, tools of weapons, cooking utensils, carpentry tools and traditional transportation, like boats, horse-drawn carriages, ox-carts etc.

Currently, wood carving art has developed in various regions in Indonesia. One of the regions in Indonesia that is most famous with its wood carving art is Jepara. This region has produced a variety of wooden sculpture with a variety of motives that are not less beautiful than Malayan works.

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Why Food Organizations Should Upgrade to the New ISSUE 7 of BRC Global Standard

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has published the seventh edition of the BRC Global Standard for food safety, an international recognized standard in January 2015.

The BRC Global Standards are internationally recognized as leaders in the market setting the reference point for good manufacturing practices in food, packaging, storage and distribution, agents and brokers, and consumer products. BRC Food Safety Certification enables customers to have confidence in their suppliers, and helps providers by enabling them to show they are maintaining high standards of safety, quality and legal compliance.

Importance of upgrading food system to BRC Global Standard for Food Issue 7

The development of the BRC Food ISSUE 7 followed a wide consultation to understand the requirements of stakeholders and a review of emerging issues in the food industry. The information has been prepared and reviewed by working groups composed of international stakeholders representing food manufacturers, retailers, food service companies, certification organizations and independent technical experts.

Benefits of Upgrading Food System to BRC ISSUE 7

Provide a standard with the flexibility to include additional voluntary modules to reduce the verification burden.

Continue to ensure the coherence of the audit process.

Encourage site to put in place systems to reduce their exposure to fraud.

Encourage greater transparency and traceability in the supply chain.

Encourage the adoption of the standard as a way to improve food security in small sites and facilities where the processes are still under development. 먹튀검증

Provides a single standard and protocol that governs an audit by accredited certification bodies by third parties, allowing credible.

An independent assessment of food safety and quality systems of a company.

Allows certified companies to appear in the publicly accessible part of the BRC Global Standards Directory, allowing recognition of their achievements and the use of a logo for marketing purposes.

Is it a global scope, covering areas of quality, legality and product safety.

Solves some of the legislative requirements of food manufacturer and their customers.

Enables businesses to ensure that their suppliers follow good food safety management practices.

The development of the BRC Food ISSUE 7 was based on the values of previous issues while ensuring that the upgrade reflects the latest best practices. The consultation with the users of the standard set the main objective for rewriting, which was to reduce the need for multiple audits and encourage consistency of the audit process; we believe that working groups have achieved this goal.”

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